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Concrete Maintenance

Allow us to maintain your concrete to keep it solid and looking beautiful for years to come

Concrete is the world’s #1 versatile building product.  Concrete is also the world’s 2nd most consumed product, second only to water.

We use only hand-tooled 1″ control joints in an effort to “control” the cracking that will likely take place in most concrete slabs.  This 1″ depth increases the odds against unwanted random cracking.  Many contractors use 3/4″ or only 1/2″ deep joints for crack control, but that is just not a deep enough joint to work effectively.  That is why we use tools that make 1″ deep joints.  It can be more difficult on us during the installation, but is MUCH better for your slab.

The quality of your concrete project in years to come is determined by the construction practices used during preparation of the base and sub-base installation, and finishing techniques of your new concrete.  Fiber mesh reinforcement helps limit cracking caused by shrinkage due to moisture loss during the curing of your slab, and also large temperature changes.  Structural fiber mesh is very different than the “standard stealth” fibers.  Structural fibers were actually developed to replace wire mesh.  Any broom-finished exterior slabs poured by Miami Valley Concrete will have structural fibers.

Our concrete is “batched” with computerized accuracy-to an engineered design, for superior strtength, beautiful finish, and durability that will last for years and years to come and with minimal maintenance.

The use of de-icers should be avoided, but if needed, should be swept off of the concrete as soon as the de-icer begins melting the ice/snow.

We suggest and offer a maintenance program where we will power wash and repair any damaged areas, and then re-apply sealer to your concrete project.  Ask your sales rep about this program, or simply call our office.

We also do maintenance on concrete work that other companies have poured.

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